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Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia HE Osamh Mohammed Abdullah Shuibi proposed the use of digital money in Islamic countries. In addition to facilitating transactions, the main objective is to reduce the dominance of the US dollar.

“The name is Noorcoin, the first digital Islamic money, can be used for umrah and hajj services, as well as inter-state transactions,” Osamh said when meeting the Presidential Chief of Staff General (Ret.) Moeldoko, at the Presidential Staff Office, Tuesday (09/10 / 18)

Osamh came with Noorcoin’s Founder and CEO Sofia Koswara. In a conversation with Moeldoko, he proposed launching the use of Noorcoin as digital money carried out on the sidelines of the annual session of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (ICCIA) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on October 22-23 2018 in Jakarta. This meeting was planned to be attended by 57 Islamic countries.

“We expect President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad and the Royal Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to lead this launching,” Osamh said.

According to him, the use of digital money will be needed in the future. There are three advantages that Noorcoin has, namely transparent, safe and low cost.

“At present some countries are experiencing a weakening of the currency against the US dollar. We must have an alternative, “he said.

Sofia Koswara added, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was very serious about using Noorcoin. Banks in Saudi Arabia to the Zakat Council in the country began to think about the use of digital money as an alternative to long-term financial transactions.

“Noorcoin has obtained a certificate of sharia. We know, Mr. Jokowi is very proud of start-up companies, such as Gojek, Tokopedia and Traveloka, we believe Noorcoin will reach acceleration in a few months, “she said.

Presidential Chief of Staff, Moeldoko, saw positively on the proposal submitted. According to him, the unity of Islamic countries joined in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the field of economics and trade must continue to be improved. Therefore, the momentum of ICCIA OIC can be a unifying force

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