Jakarta, Gatra.com – Professor and Dean, Susan Fournier appreciates the support of Noorcoin in BU’s Asian Alumni Festival, especially after Noorcoin was featured in the official website of the President of Indonesia as the face of the Industry Revolution 4.0.

“I am very proud that Noorcoin is supported and displayed on President Joko Widodo’s official website in the topic of digital creative economy,” Susan said.

Susan delivered the statement at the Asia Boston University Alumni Festival (Boston University) in Jakarta, on (3/11) themed “BU Asian Alumni Festival,” which was initiated by the BU Alumni Association that has been held for 12 consecutive years in various cities in Asia.

On his official website, President Jokowi mentioned that in welcoming the 4.0 industrial revolution era Indonesia needsto be enthusiastic and optimistic by preparing various strategic steps. The President emphasized that Indonesia must take advantage of existing developments for the future progress of the nation.

“Indonesia has to be quick in capitalizing on the opportunity at hand, as the formula is no longer big countries surpassing small countries but rather, countries that are fast to adapt will surpass those that are slow to do so,” Jokowi said.

The important principles that will help identify and implement Industry 4.0 scenarios include: the principle of interoperability (conformity), namely the ability of machines, devices, sensors, and humans to connect and communicate with each other through the internet of things (IoT) or the internet of protocols (IoP).

The second principle is information disclosure, namely the ability of information systems to make copies of the physical world virtually by enriching digital factory models with sensory data. The principle of information transparency is what is then manifested in a system called the blockchain. “Now we have four unicorns, but I want more than that,” Jokowi said.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, HE Osamh Mohammed Abdullah Shuibi said, Noorcoin is the first Shariah token in the world whose founders came from Indonesia the country with the largest Muslim population in the world and KSA as the guardian of the two most holy cities.

“We plan to launch the Noorcoin ICO in April 2019 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. God willing, with President Jokowi and the Crown Prince of SBM,” he said.

The Saudi Arabian government, continued Osamh Mohammed Abdullah Shuibi, hopes that Noorcoin with its advanced technology can have an impact not only on the captive market of 30 million pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah but also for 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide.

“In addition to the Muslim world, there is strong demand for Noorcoin from other countries in Asia, Australia, America and Europe,” he said.

Noorcoin CEO, Sofia Koswara, when speaking with the Minister of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia, Bambang Brodjonegoro, explained about blockchain technology and its benefits.

Furthermore, Sofia said that there were social and legal problems that needed to be addressed such as misconceptions and the absence of legal standing over technology. He stressed that the legality of cryptocurrency in June 2018 according to Indonesian law cryptocurrencies are in the same category as commodities, which are classified as digital assets.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Noorcoin partner from the start, along with the vision of the Crown Prince 2030 to release dependence on oil. KSA has received an allocation of 20 billion Noorcoin,” Sofia said.

CBDO Iskandar Purnomohadi from Noorcoin added, in the future, Noorcoin will offer the option to provide digital assets and cryptocurrency with gold. “This is to ensure the security and stability of Noorcoin holders,” he said.

While Noorcoin COO, Thomas Yudhistira said, his party was committed to collaboration and establishing partnerships in three fields, namely technology, culture and law. He expressed his gratitude for the positive response and support from the government, international organizations and academic institutions as shown publicly through publications and official events.

“This is a strong foundation for Noorcoin to develop projects in accordance with what stakeholders need and want in full transparency,” he said.

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