TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Noorcoin was invited to collaborate at the Boston University Asian Alumni Festival at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Boston University is one of the top globally recognized academic institutions with excellent international reputation.

One of the biggest activities routinely carried out by local alumni leadership committees and the BU Alumni Association is a reunion at a large event called “BU Alumni Asian Festival.”

This reunion program for Boston University Asian Alumni was held for 12 years in various cities in Asia.

The main objective of this event is to promote innovation in Boston University alumni to create a global impact and network.

Prof. and BU Dean Susan Fournier who attended the event said that she was happy that Noorcoin was featured and displayed on President Joko Widodo’s official website in the topic digital creative economy.

“Thank you Noorcoin for supporting Boston University’s Alumni event in making a global impact and network,” she said.

According  to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia HE Osamh Mohammed Abdullah Shuibi Noorcoin is the world’s first shariah-compliant token that is important for Indonesia as KSA as the two holy cities of Muslim population in the world.

“We plan to launch the Noorcoin ICO in April 2019 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia which will be attended by President Jokowi and the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.” he said.

HE Amb. Osamh expects Noorcoin to capture the 30 million hajj and umroh pilgrimages but to also facilitate the 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide through its most advance blockchain technology.

“In addition to the Muslim world, there is strong demand for Noorcoin from other countries in Asia, Australia, America and Europe.”

Noorcoin CEO Sofia Koswara also explained about blockchain technology and its benefits such as bringing power to the masses and leveling the playing field.

Sofia further explained that there were social and legal problems that needed to be addressed such as misconceptions and the absence of legal standing over technology in most countries worldwide.

She stated that the legality of cryptocurrency in Indonesia in June 2018 is similar to commodities, which are classified as digital assets.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Noorcoin partner from the start, along with vision 2030 of the Crown Prince for KSA to move away from oil dependence. KSA has secured an allocation of 20 billion Noorcoin, “she said.

CBDO Iskandar Purnomohadi from Noorcoin said, in the future, Noorcoin will offer the option to provide its digital asset & cryptocurrency with gold.

“This is to ensure the security and stability of Noorcoin holders,” he said.

Thomas Yudhistira’s Noorcoin COO calls collaboration and partnerships in three fields: technology, culture and law.

“We are grateful to receive positive responses and support from the Government, International Organizations and Academic Institutions as shown publicly through publications and official events,” he said.

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